Continuo Society Planned Giving

Strengthen the Bach Festival with your planned gift to keep the music alive for generations to come.

  • Review your will or living trust to ensure that it reflects your charitable objectives.
  • Contact your financial advisor and ask for help in establishing a charitable gift while still providing for your heirs.
  • Think beyond cash: You can leave stocks, insurance policies, and personal property to the Bach Festival Society.
  • Make the Bach Festival Society a beneficiary of your pension plan, retirement account, or IRA.
  • Bosco R. and Beverly J. Slaughter
    For more than 40 years we have been the recipients of one of Central Florida’s greatest gifts: the spectacular music of the Bach Festival Choir and Orchestra! We have enjoyed the experience from both sides of the podium – one as singer, the other as listener—and these musical experiences have enriched our lives greatly. Our commitment to the Bach Festival Society through estate planning is to ensure the continuation of this special gift of music. Please join us as members of the Continuo Society to allow future listeners, singers, and players to enjoy this wonderful experience!
  • M. Elizabeth Brothers
    When I moved to Winter Park in 1980, the first ticket I bought was for a Bach Festival Society chamber music concert. The next purchase was a subscription to the 1981 Bach Festival, and I have been a subscriber ever since. Having been involved in philanthropy most of my life as a fundraiser, donor, and consultant, I know how important it is to support the organizations we care about, not only in our current giving but also in our estate plans. It pleases me to know that my bequest to the Bach Festival Society will help to keep the music playing and enrich the lives of future concertgoers when I am no longer here.
  • Eric and Sarah Ravndal
    The wonderful music which the Bach Festival Choir and Orchestra have provided over these many years has enriched our lives tremendously. Through making a provision in our estate plan for a bequest to the Bach Festival Society we hope to help preserve this treasured organization for future generations.
  • Kenneth Murrah
    It’s important to financially contribute to the organizations that you care about and benefit from. I made an estate plan to benefit the Bach Festival Society’s endowment so it may continue its important work long after I’m gone.