Hometown: Cluj-Nacpoca, Romania
Lives in: Orlando
Education:  International Relations and Math
Hobbies: Exercise, cooking, travel, watching movies, reading about health and history, learning Spanish and  Portuguese.

Born to sing: Music sparks me, ignites me, gives me fire. It’s something amazing. I think I can thank my mom for that, for putting that in me even before I was born. My mother sang opera for 28 years, even when she was 8 months pregnant with me! As a child, every birthday, I would receive a beautiful book of some painter’s works or a book about a composer. I played piano since age 5, and sang my first solo in an opera at age 5, too. We would go to Italy to see the opera, and after we moved to Ohio, I sung for Carter, Reagan, and other presidents as part of the Singing Angels group. Needless to say, I absolutely love music. It sometimes touches me in ways that are hard to explain. I can’t imagine my life without it.

How I joined Bach Festival Choir:  I found out about Bach from my neighbor, Dorothy, who used to hear me sing every single day. She told me, “Cezarina, you have to audition for the Bach Festival Choir.” She, her husband Michael and my husband and I looked up the number right then and there.  My parents drove me down for the audition and everyone came along.

My first rehearsal: When I first started, to be honest, I didn’t know what to expect.  Thank God I had attended a special music school where I knew how to read music and sight read, because in rehearsals, you go to work immediately!  I was striving to do my best from the beginning. I sung throughout my life in groups that never used sheet music, but in Bach Festival Choir, we do big works, and we need it! I try to memorize most of the time, and it’s an amazing experience.

Singing with the best: I cannot imagine not being part of Bach Festival Choir.  It brings me so much joy, so much pleasure. It’s a totally uplifting experience, being there with so many wonderful singers and working together to make music. Dr. Sinclair accepts nothing but excellence. We work really hard but it’s such a rewarding experience. I love when he shares about the composers and music with us, so we have a better understanding of the work. We all are better singers and musicians due to his knowledge and talent.

Friends in the choir: I am grateful for the friendships I have from the choir. There is no social time at all during rehearsal, but we meet outside of the choir. Classical music  is less popular than football and other things, so having this in common is an unspoken understanding, and I know our friendships qwll last. And we can feel that friendship in rehearsal. It’s an amazing bonding because we have to sound like one voice—and we’re all working toward that.