Voice: Baritone / Bass
Member since: 2010
Hometown: Cambridge, MA
Lives in: Orlando
Education:  degree in Theology
Work: Music Director at St. Andrews United Methodist in Winter Park

My sister’s encouragement.  My sister is the one who gave me my appreciation for music. She’s the reason I’m in the choir. She saw in the newspaper that Bach Festival Society was holding auditions, and told me about it. I figured it was worth a try. Now, years later, she comes to listen to my concerts –she’s there for at least one or two, unless she has something that prevents her. She loves it as much as I do.

Hobbies: When I’m not singing, I’m probably on the computer looking for outlets to sing, and to express musicality.

Rehearsals with Dr. Sinclair:  Rehearsals are much more intense than in other groups, and it’s a wonderful thing. The focus is where it should be –on creating the best musical quality possible. Dr. Sinclair does a really good job of keeping our focus and desire where they should be – on the music and on singing together as one. He can be a bear sometimes. When we’re not on the level of focus he desires, he brings us back, because he knows what’s required. He is observant of everything—in front of, and behind him. He cares very much about all of us—the singers and the audience— having a memorable experience.

Favorite memory:  It was in 2017—the Debussy. I have never felt more “one” with so many people—the choir and the audience—as I did during that piece. It was a transcending experience.  It was when I finally understood what people talk about with the Bach Festival Choir— it’s a perspective that’s hard to explain. Once you have it, you can’t see things in the same way you saw them before. It was the most poignant musical experience I’ve ever had.