Hometown: Evergreen, CO
Lives in: Orlando
Education: BFA in Theatre, BS in Aeronautical Studies
Work: Time share sales
Hobbies: travel, kayaking, tennis, snorkeling, and watching baseball with my son
Family: A big Italian family; my son Joseph and our dog, Haggis

Bach Festival Choir vs. other choirs: I have been in other choirs that were less professional, more like a social hour. I kept thinking, “We could be so much better if we didn’t screw around so much.” When I saw the efficiency and the way Dr. Sinclair ran the group, I knew it was where I wanted to be. There are people from 7 different counties in the choir, many driving from far away to go to rehearsals, and Dr. Sinclair does not disrespect their time.  I was really impressed with the way we worked and the quality of the group.

Dr. Sinclair as a director: Dr. Sinclair doesn’t put up with mediocrity. Even if means calling for extra rehearsals (which he does sparingly) – he won’t put us out there until we sound like the Bach Festival Choir. We are always improving upon excellent.

Favorite memory: Singing with the BFS is an emotionally moving experience sometimes—we all work so hard towards it, and to have 40 basses all sound like one voice, and everyone singing their heart out, it’s overwhelming sometimes. At the very last concert of last year, during the Dvorak, the last 20 measures were an ethereal experience for me. When my son was born,  I cried like a baby in spite of myself, and the same thing happened at at end of that piece – I got tears in my eyes and it was challenging to sing! I fully immersed myself in the moment.