Voice: Alto
Member since: 2011
Lives in: Ponte Vedra Beach
Graduated from: Eckert College
Occupation: retired from sales and sales management
Fun facts: Volunteers at Mayo Clinic as an escort for patients for musical therapy. Also drives 2.5 hours for rehearsals each week.

Musical History: I took piano as a kid, but am not a trained musician. I started singing in Jacksonville with North Florida Women’s Chorale. Kept finding more and more places to sing. Used to sing 6 nights per week. “I couldn’t give enough! The more I sang and better I got, the more discriminating I became. I auditioned twice for Jax Symphony and got in. Did that for 7-8 years. A friend of mine who was a sub musician for Bach suggested I audition for Bach Festival. He said they were better than the Jacksonville Symphony Chorus. I came down to hear a concert to see if he was right. The week before I retired from my last job, I auditioned for Bach, and got in.

Christmas with my Mom: My mom loved the Christmas concerts. It was very accessible for her. She would come down from Georgia and stay with me for 3-4 days. She loved getting away from home, and felt like she was queen for the day. We would get a hotel room and she thought she was hot stuff, living in the lap of luxury. I’m looking forward to the Christmas concert.

Bach Choir Memories: After last Christmas in the park, a few of us decided to hang around and have dinner together. It was so much fun! As we walked along Park Avenue, people stopped and wanted to take their picture with us. They thought it was special that we were part of Bach Festival Choir. Even now, before a rehearsal, if I hit Winter Park avenue to go shopping, people ask me what brings me to Winter Park. I tell them the Choir, and they say “Wow!” People don’t realize we’re volunteers.

About the commute: It’s not a local thing. People come from ALL over. Melbourne, Lake Wales, The Villages. Even from Ponte Vedra, I’m so lucky to have Bach Festival as close as it is. On Mondays, I think “why am I driving all this way again?” but it truly is a high going to rehearsal. I get home at midnight, but it’s worth it. It’s mental, emotional, physical, and every kind of therapy. I get twitchy in the summer when we don’t sing. I get crabby and cranky and need rehearsals to start again! When I’m not singing, I miss it. Not just mentally, but the actual physical act of singing.